Monday, April 16, 2012

1a Tea Tryst

The tea sneaks out of slumber surreptitiously in the wee hours, hoping only to disturb those who stir and shift from such liquid ambrosia-like pleasure...

1:22a. I snack on a low carb tortilla, cheese and avocado. I'm not sure of why I'm feeling so hungry, but I do know that afterwards, I choose a fine, hot cup of Gyokuro sencha, realizing my neural stirrings are occurring with about the same intensity as they were when I last posted about tea. Even then, the post was about exactly the same leaf. Funny. Or is it?

Consciousness has a way of bringing things full circle.

I'm thinking that I am quite possibly hungry because I am (a) procrastinating, (b) full of a pot of tea and now my metabolism has been accelerated, (c) I need to drink water instead of eat or (d), I am truly hungry.
But then I realize I had not consumed enough proteins today, and that could also explain the sudden (yummy!) snack eaten at such a time. This is unlike me, and yet, we spent the entire day at an amusement park themed around one of those mini scavengers with big ears and beady eyes. This is also not how a normal weekend for me goes, so much.

I was thinking that the sure key to my success was to eat and work, and that I would be more successful at task completion. So far, all I've managed to do is make myself sleepy, which was probably going on before. And so I sit. And sit. I type a blog which is NOT on my current list of to-dos. And I drink the tea because it speaks to me.

Would you like to know what the tea had the Nerve to say? ...Change. That's all. Just change. Then I have one of those thoughts I go to (my go-to thought) that completely obstructs me from doing ANYTHING ELSE. Or, alternatively, I have a hazy feeling that ends my struggle and folds me over onto my computer console immediately. No, not arsenic, but sleep. Pure, unadulterated, unrelenting, endless waves of nausea-inducing sleep. You may wonder how sleep can induce nausea. Well it only happens when you are a certain willful person who doesn't like the feeling of letting go and allowing something to happen, all whilst deeply loving and accepting that person. But I digress. And there I go typing with closed lids again. That takes some talent and practice.

Tea makes you one with all without anyone asking, apparently.

You see, the tea, she cheated on me. She was supposed to help me stay awake and it looks like she let me into deep meditation. Does this mean path block, obstruction, or simple case of needing to be asleep more than needing to be awake? I go back to my tea cup to drink the last cup. She is cold. Boy is she cold.