Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dancing with Victory

I have just attained a new ally: her name is victory. I went to a Sokka Gakkai meeting last night, and I am floating on air. I want to write so much. I have goals for this evening. But something told me to sit back down and write. Speak of this thing I have just experienced.

I am quite the multidimensional, multidenominational browser who actuallys enjoys a variety of faiths, but I never quite slide all the way into one, claiming it fully for my own. I pick and choose what I will partake in. Some would way I was not loyal to any group...but in a way, I am loyal to all, for I honor their tools and I use them, as well as pass them along to others who may richly benefit in this endeavor. So I find matching dialogue that patterns the conversation language of the group whose person I am efforting to assist.

I largely use Hindu mantra as a form of spiritual warriorship, in order to help people push energy, but I also use Christian prayer, Huna tools, Buddhist mantra and the Native American medicine wheel, in addition to Angel healing, to help guide my and our world. So in saying this, I had already been exposed to the Buddhist path, and knew of the Sokka Gakkai movement. But when I spoke to a friend about it, an avid practitioner of 24 years, I decided to have a look at it.

This practice filled me with so much spirit and love, I had space to help my relationship heal, and so last night I put energy on the pieces in our lives that had been filling our hearts with so much heaviness. We just needed help. This group of unknown soldiers until last night anyway, filled my heart with so much love, that we sat and basically chanted for each other. Wow. To give away your problems for the sake of the group, is what this group is about, because after all, we all are interconnected. This was hugely moving to my psyche and being, to sit among this beauty of humanity.

Nam myo ho renge kyo is the title of the Lotus Sutra. I will comment more on this in future postings. But for now...

Many prayers, chants, mantras, one goal: to see the "face of God"...or, to see ourselves as we truly are. Namaste.

Being Hood, to Buddhahood.

...There honestly isn't a difference.

Being "hood," is the state of being in one's home and familiar surroundings. It can also mean where one feels they belong, where they can be their own beautiful, ugly, basic, extravagant, glorious self, without judgment, competition, or expectations. A person who's being hood is claiming to be whatever they are, and also can somehow be proud of it, regardless of how bad it truly might be to their health, or that of another's. Being hood can also include a strong love and affiliation to your homies, your comrades, people who have your back and will always be there for you no matter what. If you are hood, you can be put to the test and thrive, passing the test with flying colors. Your character and behavioral patterns could take question with some, but your loyalty and faith in your homies is flawless like a diamond.

Now, I don't see Buddhahood too much differently. Firstly, to be in a state of Buddhahood is to have experienced seeing oneself in the highest, happiest, most detached, simplest form of existence possible, the path of least resistance. This is only one way that I take Buddhahood. It also means placing yourself aside, so that you can help others attain a state of Enlightenment, whatever that means for each individual personally. You have placed faith and loyalty in the path of the Boddhissattva. This includes a deep sense of compassion for humanity, but also for your imperfect self. This state is also about uncovering your passionate, detached presence in your life and in that of others. You are always making an intense effort to be as present as possible, not allowing for many distractions. Buddhahood helps you to see yourself as you truly are, come what may, all your flaws and imperfections all perfect and shining once again, bright as a diamond.

Show me how the two are different, and I'll show you more ways in which they are in fact the same. Namaste.