Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: The Year of Secrets, Investigations, Discoveries, Answers

I have to say that I spent most of 2013 uncovering great mysteries. Not the mysteries of the universe, though that would have been time well spent. I spent this year uncovering mysteries in my local community, job site, gyms, my relationship, and uncovering some secrets inside myself.

     Then I found out that the year of the Horse in 2014 may be a year of work for a rat, though the idea of energy running freely throughout my life sounds grand. It's also the opening of many secrets and hidden objects from view of the passing snake year. From the beginning of the year, I had so many elements come into play, like the rite of passage year for me, as if I wanted to be an investigative detective.

     It all seemed to begin with my school placement. After being pulled out of a beautiful school, I was offered a spot at a middle school that became an exercise in coldness and uncovering wild truths about the nature of my teaching and of the campus, the school district and a number of my kids. People all year really thought they were getting away with something. But all uncover and dark things did finally come to the surface, and punitive consequences came of it.

     In my own relationships with both family and friends, I found out who was really there for me and who played a sideliner role. I am still the rock in most foundations in my life and sought out spiritual guidance as mentors who were successfully able to carry me through. I lost a few friendships and gained several new ones. I have a best friend who experienced much loss this year, and I got to see her grow and develop through the stress. She weathered it and we weathered it together. We are now working alongside each other with our business plans.

In my own romantic life I had to pull teeth it seemed in order to get a man to see himself more deeply, and to grow in love and intimacy with me. Together though bumpy, we survived through all the bumps and bruises. while I can say that this relationship has been the toughest I've had, it has also been the most revealing about the dirty truth of some of my darkest shadow side behaviors and thoughts. So basically I've been led out of the tunnel of my own transgressions and have gone to the underworld and back. What seedy and hurtful elements of my life that were negatively affecting my relationships are now gone, at least this layer, and I have been revived back into a state that expresses my highest self. Oh how I love my highest self, and how that self has allowed me to grow is still a wondrous thought.

     I delightfully entered the fall with a renewed sense of hope and turned 41. I started at an amazing new placement, Irving MS. The future has bright plans, lots of work, but wonderful to see unfold. I had also graduated from IIN where I went from being vegetarian to omnivorous. I had a wonderful fall with family and friends into an amazing Christmas for the first time in many years. I successfully begin a new chapter, acknowledging my strengths and weaknesses, and look upon the new year as a reward and a blessing, signaling that, now that I know the power of the dark side, all things in the dark must come to light...and 2014 promises to reveal.

Thoughts while Learning Blackjack

The dealer deals.

The cards are laid...and then the cards are played.

     You have to make a careful decision about how far you will go to get to the promised card. No amount of counting or wishful thinking will make time or probability stand still or change. The right play is the right play, for better or for worse.

     Blackjack is a thinking man's game. The more he thinks about his move in advance, the better the play may be. But once again, no matter how thought out, the chances of the right card coming up are still in play, on each play, and you are at the mercy of the statistics.

     Focusing on each hand dealt and concentrating on sequences is essential to the flow of the game. All players must be in alignment with each other, although each hand won't technically be affected as much as is usually thought. The cards in your hands are yours and you must play them as they are logically meant to be played. Period. Inexperienced or immature players will see the cards you play and pull, and they will think, "that guy has my card." But it won't be truth. Truth is, there are multiple decks and multiple high and low cards equally amongst those numbers. It's best to stay open and see that others' successes could be a huge, shining moment in the future of your plays, especially if everyone is winning at the table and is happy.

     Desperation is not allowed. Desperation draws down the energy of the table and keeps wins from seeming as awesome. It's important to have fun when you are placing the stakes on your cash flow. If it's not fun and you're gambling to make a car payment, then you've missed the point of this game.

     Repetition, timing and practice is important to the game. If you go to a table without proper education of the sport, you will feel like you are missing an integral part of the game and the reason is because you are.

     Pride goes before a fall. If you think you're smarter than everyone else at the table and you walk around with arrogant airs, you usually end up feeling like an ass by the end of it, as you will be losing all your money with the rest of the people at the table who thought they were smarter than you. Now if you are not smart enough to notice this, it is the very reason that hubris was discovered.

     And lastly everyone is playing the house. Everyone. No one is immune to house odds. Now knowing the house odds and learning how to work with them is like cooperating with the police department or government. They may pay you off for helping them, and treat you like a king in their witness protection program, but you won't walk out a millionaire, for that is just not to their advantage. Think, if Vegas made millionaires, would Vegas exist? Not for long. It depends on the odds...now let's think a little larger, say, governmentally....

     Rules are rules. Rules are also meant to be broken. To me, as I learned, watched and also played the game, I realized that the Blackjack table often replicates life. That was the most important element, singlehandedly, that made me think the experience was completely worthwhile.