Monday, December 3, 2012

Sliding into Contemplation.

Contemplation: The action of looking at something thoughtfully for a long time; deep reflective thought.

The newness of Spring hath sprung; the trees bloomed full and children played well in summer. The air turned crisp and thoughts of securing the harvest and planning for the holidays set in. A festive spirit hit our field of consciousness....and then for some, dissipates into the quiet solace and contemplation of a new season, winter. I hear the rain falling, and I know my place.

This is where I am.

It seemed to all become very clear today, as I was hustling and bustling in the kitchen, making mashed cauliflower, sweet potato fries, kale chips, brussels sprouts, flavored greek yogurts with walnuts and cinnamon, veggie soup and corn. Kai and I washed towels, cleaned the turtle tank, spruced up our balcony and vacuumed. The washing machines were full when we first walked down, so I took the opportunity to clear out my car. I even washed dishes and swept the floor. Whew!! I didn't think the day's chores would end, but Kai and I managed to create a very good flow of activity, from a late rise to a late night writing spree. One thing I knew for sure, was that I would sleep well and welcome the new day with lightness and joy.

I also know that, the more I cook and prepare now, the better my winter season of hibernation and contemplation can commence. I don't want to do these things over my break. I only want to read, research and contemplate, as the downtime between all other daily duties. However, the cleaning is my moving meditation. It focuses my mind on important things, like my next step in the wheel of changes.

I feel my soul deeply purging. It is starting to rummage for unanswered questions. Summer and Winter both bring this search out in me, this hunger for all things profound and unanswered, far reaching and mysterious, as mysterious as the night Christ was born. It is even more interesting that some very healing and grounding oils such as frankincense and myrrh were given to the Christ child, which would enhance his powers of intuition and wisdom.
Maybe this was the reason for cooking the vegetables, in order to get into a deeper state of being with the earth. Since I am embodying the epitome of health, I am living and honoring this way of life within me with regularity, knowing that the Universe senses this response and works with my flow to create greater waves of positive change, using myself as the consciousness tool, the role model. This essay of thoughts is a work in progress.