Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Magic and Miracle of Manifestation.

Rosaries and Malas are ONE.

The power of manifestation can happen with a simple prayer, meditation or intention. How focused one is, or in history, how focused a group has been, on a particular prayer or mantra has given it its power. To make something potent and rich with meaning is a tool that has been used throughout the course of humankind. Bringing this simple practice into focus is the one thing we can do to enrich our life.

Have we seen the power of an idea coming into fruition? A fervent prayer being answered? A meditation opening doors we didn't know would open? Only to knock, is to have someone answer.

I remember first truly recognizing the power of manifestation rocking my life when I became knee deep in the world of the novena. I remember struggling with money. The thought is so clear as yesterday. I needed work and fast, so I decided to do a novena. A novena is 9 rosaries either said on the hour or every day at the same hour daily, and devoted to a particular saint that governs the particular area of concern that needs addressing.

So I decide to do a 9 hour novena to St. Jude, who governs the impossible. I didn't think it possible to get exactly what I desired in such short order, but I decided to try it anyway, as I was desperate.

At the ninth hour of fervent prayer, I get a phone call to be paid for some backstage work at the theatre I sometimes worked for when there were gigs available. It wasn't a regular stream of income until the summer, and we were in the middle of November! So I learned the power of intense intention and meditation on that goal.
The thing I noticed was that my mind was deeply involved during that entire time on what my needs were. Even my partner at the time was very surprised (and wanted to rule it off on coincidence, but I didn't let him).
Most recently (yesterday), I did a series of mantras that served to expand several areas of my life, in particular, enhancement of my relationship. Today, I saw a huge improvement in how Michael spoke to me and related to each of our needs as a couple. I was not only astonished, but impressed at how quickly mantra works in my life. In addition to this, I keep myself energetically aligned with earth grid. This alone helps to speed up the process of manifestation. If Melchiezedek could see me now.

Nowadays I'm a yogini and mala girl, so I practice doing frequent mantra work to help align me with the goal of my needs and desires. It is always something of great purpose that helps not only me, but others as well, for their Best and Highest Good. If it isn't for everything, then we've missed the point of this new age of collective consciousness.