Monday, June 3, 2013

Journeying into Love

The Spirit makes Love to nature
I stand in the awe of its flow
I suddenly cry with the power of a thousand breaths,
And away it goes 

Inspiring wind just struck
And I'm captivated by its romance
It cradles and embraces my being
As I step into the first blossomings
Of a summer coming on 

Nature wants to get to know me
Animals draw close 
I am deeper into a natural way 
Of being with myself

Find the river, watch it flow
Fiind the tree, watch it grow
Find a fallen leaf, no one may know
But find yourself
And let that show

Love is made in all things
All things are made in Love 
See things in Love
See Love in yourself

Go hug a tree
Find yourself
Catch the breeze
Find yourself
Love yourself
Find yourself

Nature is Love
You are Love
All things are Love
Has it been said enough?

Nature is Self 
Self is Love
Fall in Love

Fall in 

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