Monday, January 11, 2010

Being Blissfully Fit and using the physical to connect to life

Hello Earth, Hello Sky. It's been a while since I've seen you.
I mean, REALLY seeing...

A night walk to look at the constellations had become a normality. This connects me to when I was much younger and stargazing. One thing I never thought about was life on other planets, but i did wonder whether the stars could talk to my imagination, they did. The moon would send me messages from heaven and show me pictures of then, the Virgin Mother. Later on, it would turn into Jesus, Buddha, then an Olmec head. The "man in the moon" has many faces, or so it seems.

Hello skunk. Oh wait, how can this be? Two skunks in one run? This is uncommon. I step into the message of the skunk to know its wisdom. Based on the five aggregates, a skunk consists of all five components: matter, sensations, perceptions, formations, consciousness...
Seeing is about using more than the eyes. It is about using the senses and creating an impression and expression of what is being seen. It is about stepping into the experience of what the eyes hold...the eyes hold what the heart feels. The heart feels what the consciousness explores. So true seeing is on the expression of reaching into that which we see, whether it is a twig on the ground or a star in the sky, an animal in the distance or a sound in the wind.

We can experience a stone in our hand and tell what it is thinking. After all, each object on some level, has a consciousness. It is about tapping into that consciousness in order to know its truth.

Blissfully Fit is about bringing all aspects of consciousness into one heart, one mind, one body, one universe....creating wholeness beyond all reason. Blissfully Fit wants to heighten and expand our experience of life. More on that in the next blog or so, down the road....

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