Monday, January 11, 2010

Honoring The Sacred

Hello Earth, Hello Sky. It's been a while since I've seen you.
I mean, REALLY seeing....

I looked into the night sky last evening, and saw Mars, Jupiter, Polaris, Orion, Ursa Major and Minor, Cassiopeia, and just opened my mouths. The stars twinkled in all of their glory. I revelled in their twinkle. I wonder what they must be twinkling about? I wonder if we twinkle back at them. I thanked my son's father profusely for working as a team. We experienced unity as we created a project that was done by bringing the family together to get the work done. I honored him by letting him know how much gratitude I felt for his work. I also helped him with the family dog who is having a cancer relapse, much too sad, especially when this signifies our deep need to look at what we have done to create this...I honored our dog Tera, for being the soldier that she has been for our family, and our experience of life in those years.

Seeing is about using more than the eyes. It is about using the senses and creating an impression and expression of what is being seen. It is about stepping into the experience of what the eyes hold...the eyes hold what the heart feels. The heart feels what the consciousness explores. So true seeing is on the expression of reaching into that which we see, whether it is a twig on the ground or a star in the sky, an animal in the distance or a sound in the wind.

We can experience a stone in our hand and tell what it is thinking. After all, each object on some level, has a consciousness. It is about tapping into that consciousness in order to know its truth.

This holiday, I honored the sacred by lighting candles daily, hugging my child tightly and spending time with him, allowing him to be himself for awhile and I myself...I think that's what he likes about me! I honored my family and friends by cooking and spending quality time. I honored myself for creating a number of journals, both electronic and paper. (talking about journals is a whole different entry! It goes into too many different directions...) I also went back to basics, washing my face with homemade olive oil cleanser, lemon honey oatmeal scrubs, lemon toner and carrot cream. Using the earth's resources is a way of honoring the sacred.

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