Monday, July 19, 2010

Love is the question, the answer, and the design.

Our deepest desire is to feel two hearts beat as one, or 16, if you have intuitive empathy...
Love is that overtly clear and esoterically mysterious entity and idea all at the same time. We chase it, we crave it on a base sexual level to a spiritually enriching level. We want it, need it, expect it and sometimes are addicted to it. We live for love and sometimes we even die for love. But is love what we really want and truly need to "make" ourselves happy? Are we defining base physical, rudimentary ideas as the symbol of love, or do we understand that love's current runs far, far deeper than any of us truly realize?

Do we know that sex does not equal love? Do we understand that most of our experiences of love are decided upon in our mind, consisting of patterns and conditions mostly based on what traditional upbringing we've had? Do we get that our love is a loosely defined term at best, and completely misread and misunderstood or disregarded at its least? Do we know that the letters of love in numerology equal 9, a vibration of karmic, cyclical completion? Do we understand that many of our world's greatest spiritual leaders knew love but did not transfer it into a physical act of intimacy?

Love doesn't fight for ownership of another person. It does not possess their body and bind them into a marriage. Love does not strangle, struggle, choke, or stifle movement. Love does not hold anyone back from pursuing their dreams. Love doesn't make one commit their time, energy, intentions or intimate actions to another. Love is neither monogamous nor polyamorous. Love is not blind nor does it have any eyes, hands, feet or mind. Love doesn't pay any bills or buy any houses, fancy clothes, shoes, cars or mansions. This is our definition, not the truth of love.

So what am I really trying to say here? The next time you want to blame or accuse someone for not doing something for you that you think in your mind they should have done...or they say something that "hurts" your feelings (your past mental tapes and trigger points), the next time someone doesn't want to call your connection with them anything in particular or say the words "I love You" which add up to a hill of meaninglessness if the person doesn't practice being love....challenge yourself to transcend your mental tapes and realize that, truly, we all are a product of our experiences and we all are of love, no more, no less.

Love is ever pervasive, all knowing and feeling, like air. It has no limits, boundaries or definitions unless we give it one. It has no conditions, no feelings or thoughts. It is our deepest sense of self without giving it a voice, a look, or an earthbound energy. It is all that we know, and all that we do not know. It is the basis for the world's religions at their purest, most original intent and origin. It is the reason for researchers, scientists, artists, mothers, teachers, visionaries, producers and anyone in between to fight for something, no matter what it is, especially those things where we are not sure why we fight so hard. Every advocacy is a selfless act of love on some level....whatever level we can identify.

It is, in its most effortless sense, the design of the universe, universe meaning one song. That's all, the All, the I am, the wang chung, the yin yang, the Om Shanti, the Namaste, the John 3:16, the Angel Gabriel visiting Muhammad, the sacred Kabbalah, the Buddha and the Bodhissattva, Nirvana, the schma, the Word, the Way, the Light, the One source, Brahman, All that Is, the Truth. Love is, really, all there is.

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