Thursday, July 15, 2010

Capitalizing once on the Thrice Great.

Oh that Hermes, what a cad...dropping "his" pearls of wisdom on the universe, or from the universe, as it were...and here everyone else is, making money on this wisdom "they themselves" supposedly have come up with. The funny thing is, it's all been done before, and already once by the thrice great, Hermes Trismegistus. Hermetic principles were made out to be this esoteric, occult thing (two words currently given the meaning "hidden") because of Constantine. Really Constantine? That threatened, were you?

Hermes apparently was deified as Thoth, which is sort of an awesome proposition considering the representation that Thoth holds and is as a God of the Sciences, math, writing, and generally speaking, the attainment of knowledge. If this be so...let the knowledge of the universe pour forth on my fingertips as I speak the words of ancient wisdom through the spiritual guidance of Thoth. He's becoming my new go-to guy....

So, I thought it was cool that the Hermetic principles were not all that secret and haven't been since the days of the Christian takeover, though during the times of deep conquest, in order to keep the Divine Flame alive, people often had to go in secret to caves and forest woodland areas in order to practice, hence robes and a renaming of the teachings just to hide it from the powers that be...although every spiritual leader worth their salt knew this ancient teaching and is currently the basis of all spiritual literature and sacred texts.

The seven Hermetic principles are: Mentalism, correspondence, cause and effect, polarity, rhythm, vibration, gender. Each could most possibly be self-explanation at one point. These principles grab at you and bring forth the essential essence that is uniquely, in a word, Truth. You. Everything we need to know that we, in fact, did learn in Kindergarten. Think about it. We learned to use our minds to solve problems and overcome difficulties, we learned how to relate with others in a pleasant manner, cause and effect, the difference between polar opposites (good and bad, etc.), music, touch and feel, and that we each had to go to separate bathrooms because we were now considered "big boys and girls."....

I could go on about how the basic principles we have been raised with just continue to get revisited and are resurfaced now and again through self help, or I could just join the masses of people who are writing and find my angle to ride. Being a philosopher is tough because you simply and want to Think about these things. Being a teacher is a much more active form of philosophizing...and then everyone comes to you for everything, even when it's the kitchen sink that's not working, instead of your polarity or vibration. But that's a completely different story.

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