Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Morning

It's 8:20a.
Yeah, the day, she has begun again. I race through the school to the library, handing off electronic materials, and I get my head bitten clear off by the librarian. "Had you not caught me I would not have been standing here! I'm upstairs!" She yells. My face felt stuck in the blast...pondering mind could not help but feel her words were spent uselessly in my face. There would be no payoff. "...Umm, okay, I can come back later. Thanks." Bipolarity rules.

I manage a quick saunter to my car and begin rummaging through its contents. Banana peel on seat, check. Hatchback opened and water bottles filled, check. Candy thrown into the arms of a bystanding student helper, check. Lackeys rule. So do vagabonds, which I apparently am, judging from the looks of the inner workings of my car.

Now I decidedly sit to the computer and begin my day, taking roll and checking emails. Oh, the busy life of a teacher, I internally report, as my children begin to slowly drive me insane. That's when they get the speech on "instead of wondering why you didn't get run over and how the car keeps missing you, feel thankful that it did."

I made my to-do list and realize what an impossible task my to-do really is. ...and so my most current "built-in Connie feature" is to figure out which priorities are truly most worth prioritizing, which means everything else all but makes the list. Sigh. Trudge, trudge, trudge.

Nutrition rolls around and I spend a portion of it yelling at kids in the hall, which is what they are when they're not in my room, meaning a lot more noise. I breathe Dragon Fire on them, making myself understand my lack of a yoga practice this morning. This is why I practice yoga: because when days like the one aforementioned happen, I'm floating on cloud 9, somewhere else in other worlds, instead of being on the planet with the crap we sometimes swim in. Rambling through..

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