Thursday, August 2, 2012

Aligning to Source in Everyday Life

Aligning to Source Consciousness can be as easy as plugging into a socket. It is only a matter of making the space in your day a ritual event, much as we do for our preparation to go to work: we awaken, we stretch our arms, shower, prepare our morning 'get-up' (coffee, tea, food), our lunch and bags, then we head out the door. If only we would take a portion of that morning to set our priorities for the day, before leaving our homes, all the way down to the detail.

Alignment is a conscious event. Setting an intention with focus and energy is the way of manifestation. It is not only the intention that makes something real, it is the action behind it. Not only do we need intention, focus and energy, we also need our manifestation tools. What are these? What do they mean in your life? What I use for manifestation may be something different for you. I use stones and crystals, prayer and prayer beads, sage and incense, pictures, a dream board, and an altar, a sacred space, that represents what I do and what I am manifesting. The tools you use must mean something to you.

Here is an example of my ritual. I awaken, open, bless and protect my sacred space with Angels. I do my breathwork, meridian tracing, and a couple of sun salutations. I set up my intentions and speak to them in the areas of family, friend and community intentions, organization and task management, my relationship, our finances, and then education and research. All of these things bear deep importance to me and affect the quality of my life intrinsically. Then I get even more specific and imagine my smooth, unblemished ride to work, my joyful communication with my leadership and coworkers, and my loving interaction with my students. I imagine my healthy lunch and my graceful exit from my day. I enjoy spending time and integrating my son into my life. I manifest the outcomes of my exercise efforts and see them as healing, empowering, and enjoyable. I then imagine a restful night with reading and contemplation before turning in.

The alignment with Source stays consistent when we recognize that the connection is a daily act, and can involve every experience in our life, as sacred, important, and carrying the ability to be manifest in the way we see fit. We need to manifest a way to make every area of our life carry the resonance of our purpose. This is the essence of Blissfully Fit.

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