Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chasing Greatness

My friend and I were watching one of the world's greatest Olympians, Michael Phelps,

....and the current fastest woman in the world, Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce.

Last but not least, Gabby Douglas, the first African American history-making gymnast...


The Olympics have always acknowledged, inspired and honored our world's greatest athletes, serving as a symbol of the reward for following one's dreams. Every event, every win and every loss, measures the level of commitment, ability, timing, luck, or all four. I remember wanting to be Nadia Comaneci while watching with the family, laughing, crying, and dreaming all the way through the two weeks of exciting events. This wonderful memory has followed me into my adulthood. I wanted to cry my eyes out several times during the big wins I witnessed this year in London, dreaming about being in the audience. My son leaned over and asked me, "Mom, can we go to the Olympics live one day?" A smile spread across my face as I entertained the idea...for more than one reason.

But just as soon as that joy entered, so did the concern of a current youth population that does not seem to be targeted for anything. With an excessive exposure to video games, music with violent or sexual themes and negative and uninspiring television images, what future is there for children? Many children don't even seem interested in watching the Olympics, nor do they have a desire to push when things get tough.

What about our adult population? I have heard of more people who sit on the couch after work than I would like to know about. What kind of a tomorrow are we setting ourselves up for? Are we even living in the Consciousness that this moment in our history is more important than ever? Do we know what will help us achieve a different, more inspiring end? Do we really want our epitaphs to have our couch history recorded, or something we did to bring our greatness to Light and help us to change the world?

What if EVERYONE in the world RIGHT NOW, was doing their part to work towards their own personal Greatness?

It is far too simplified to say that change can be tough. Change is complicated, involved, detailed, challenging, unpredictable, uncomfortable, and beautiful, perfect and very, very necessary. Think of what would happen to us if we never changed...we'd never leave diapers, have a first love, celebrate our parent's 50th anniversary, see our children be born. We'd never find the career of our dreams or have a 40th birthday. Even more interestingly, we wouldn't ever see the importance of having any crowning moments in our life. How did we know that these events held sacred power and were very important? Our families guided us. They taught us everything we know about our tribal power and what makes us who we are. Change is simply part of the matrix of our lives.

As I type this, just to drive the point home, I look up and see one Olympic runner's story. He never got to run his best or get a gold medal...or place at all, but he did finish it with his father.

Even as I make most of my discussion about the Olympics, Greatness does not need to be qualified with a gold medal or even a sport. Greatness comes from within. I realize that most people want a formula, design, a system to follow. But even if one is handed a system to follow, one must find the discipline and fortitude to even stick to the model. What formula really needs to be followed for Greatness to pour forth? One step...the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I wanna say that Lao Tzu said that, but then again I'd give him credit for quite a lot, kind of like all the quotes found on Einstein. Did Einstein really say that? Who knows?
The only real thing we all know, is that Einstein, a poor example of a smart child, rose on to adulthood genius. He, at some point, felt called to explore his Greatness. Once he found it, it couldn't be stopped. It flowed on its own...he was even smart enough to know when his Greatness could have chaotic, destructive consequences, and that is when he took his efforts and rerouted himself away from people who didn't have his best interests in mind. So then, his Greatness was even larger than any of us can imagine, because he understood the sacred principle of aligning with our goals.

If nothing else can inspire us, hopefully one shining moment in someone else's life, can. One famous author, artist or scientist of a time past, can tell his or her story, and help us to make that visualization with clear details, that to-do list started, and that one small step crossed off the list, just one, only one, at a time.

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