Monday, February 4, 2013

Challenging your Reality

I have a fear pop into my head, and I cancel it by saying, "no."
I have a dream, vision or premonition about something, and I make a decision based upon what outcome I envision.
I ask for Divine guidance, then I see a picture of a penguin, or a pigeon flies by, or a black cat jumps on my car and just stares at me. (all true stories) I take these moments and I use them to guide my life in the directions I am to go into.
I hear a voice, an image, or have someone come to me and bring me a powerful message of some sort, and I use that to navigate my way thru a particular scenario. In fact, I had guidance that led me to write this post.

We all sometimes walk through worlds and, depending on whether or not we are aware, we are interacting in, and integrating our ability to discern subtle energy into physical form through our thoughts and actions. We are always transmitting a vibration or frequency, a resonance that someone would be able to connect to. Even when people are not familiar with why they are drawn to a person, we are a bank of energy, signals and radio emissions, and when we are looking for a refill, we find a highly vibrating person upon which to refill our stores. Alternatively, people come to us for the same thing. This is why sometimes, it appears at first, that we are having a good day, or not so good, but that we are simply exchanging energies at any given time in varying degrees of frequencies that we may or may not be aware of.

We also have cording energies at any given time, like the arms of an octopus, consistently coming at us for support and energy. Remember that we are like a tall glass of water. When someone is thirsty, and they have nothing to give, they will drink until they are quenched and unless you keep them from taking every drop, they will.
There are also these shelves of consciousness that we work on. We can pull from the higher consciousness (though we are not always conscious of whether we are there or not) and mostly our conscious middle shelf (our daytime executive function) and low mind (our sub-and unconscious, primitive drives) do most of the talking. I can explain these shelves more in a later post. Just know that from wherever you pull, you will have the most interesting and unique experiences emanating from that center. I'd say this function alone, is what can confuse a person when they hear you speak, and you sound different and intriguing to them from day to day.
We haven't even touched yet on the various degrees of realities one can fall or rise into. This all depends on how much you can free your mind from what limits and labels you.

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