Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Unconscious Mind.

Unihipili, or the basic self, is discussed in the tradition of Huna, the Hawaiian science of Ho'omana, or making life force energy. I have been exploring my lower mind in the quest to understand labels and messages I am sending unconsciously, in my quest to communicate most often with the higher self. While the three selves are not separate, it is often beneficial to me, to look at the selves from the perspective of separate entities for the purpose of learning.

The mention of some aspect of ourselves being unconscious, is to not readily see and have access to this vibrational pattern. There is a measure of unawareness at the cellular level. We are merely repeating patterns at will based on the control the unconscious mind asserts. We will always revert to our "home training," in this case, unconscious patterns and primitive drives, that will affect our way of dealing with the world.

For example, I have an issue with time, and has been the case since I was old enough to say the word "time." While I feel it may be an inherited pattern, and I am very aware of its effects in my world, it sometimes does not pose enough impetus to inspire lasting change. Obstacles and limitations will obstruct my success. One obstacle that has limited me is my hardened attitude toward lateness and my emotional, passive aggressive reaction that has been constructed over a long stretch in time.

Memory is stored in the unconscious mind. Memory affects and shapes our attitudes, belief patterns and emotional responses that arise in the conscious mind. Remember that Our conscious minds make decisions on how we will handle these concepts daily. I have found that I can control my latent, unconscious emotional response to the situation by choosing what memories I'll allow myself to focus on. 

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