Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Punching The Air.

I have to say that there are quite a few angry people with commentary about society, but very few who put enough educated thought into their responses. I would think that an educated response would manifest into some form of interaction that didn't end in some emotional tirade about how I should be thinking the way they are, otherwise I'm unintelligent....???

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ofttimes empty world of FaceBook.

Sometimes FB can consist of some pretty crazy ideas and opinions that are supported by an interesting group of people who don't often support each other..but they will "rise up against the enemy." Now, I don't normally associate myself with people like this, but it seems that the challenge sometimes presents itself to me and I have to ask what in me has attracted this situation, because my conscious mind definitely does not feel like this is a necessary interaction or lesson to take on.

So I end up figuring that it's just another person and situation that needs a bit of prayer and positive energy thrown at it. After all, how else can an angry person who's punching the air, know that they actually have supporters when they are wildly flailing their arms? Doesn't someone have to wait by the sidelines until they can calm down enough to notice the hand you've extended?...that, or let them stop and notice that no one waited. Would that help them, or only serve to reemphasize that no one really cares? It's a tough line to tow.

Then there's the person that, no matter what you say, can't hear you. They have an internal tape playing and it won't stop or slow down to allow any additional information to come in. They've decided to nail you and label you "the enemy." This becomes a labor of love to wait for someone to snap out of their own veil of illusion and see that internal forces are working against them, as opposed to anything external, i.e., me.

Some people treat different perspectives as a crime, a blindness, an emotional and manipulative ploy, a "leftist agenda," or "the enemy," when presented. But truly a perspective is a perspective, not a way to try to manipulate the masses into some form of coercion. It's the invitation to a conversation with a varying degree of levels and thoughts, not some military stratagem targeted at some group to bring them down.

The social constructs we create shackle us. If we were to notice the disparagement we build in our society when we hold ourselves so fast to the same staid concepts and ideas that we feel most comfortable with, we fail. It's not to say that the progressive way of living is a tried and true winning situation, but we at least need to listen to all sides and see if there is a chance to find a way to improve on a human right. We all deserve to feel safe. That's all.

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