Saturday, October 12, 2013

I am woman, hear me whine...

Yeah, so I woke up one day in the recent past to the biting discovery that I am a woman, and this means that I have to look like one. Now I don't mind looking like a woman, granted. In fact I love looking like a woman! It's the work and money that it takes, to look like a woman.

Sure, most women know this. I may in fact be one of the few who does not accept this about us, the idea of so much going into our look. But as long as we are in planet earth school, someone is going to care about how we present ourselves, especially other women.

Now at first I was going to say that men care most about how women present themselves, but I remember the days when I used to be able to wear a burlap sack and I would still get a man's attention. I'm sure it would still work. It's just that now I would add a little lipstick and wash my hair. Men do give great compliments to a woman who wears it well. It may not even be that they find them personally attractive, but they do notice when a woman looks and smells good.

I especially notice a very positive response from my man, when I make myself appear very womanly. Even though men want you the way they met you essentially, and they want you to keep your fitness a priority, they still appreciate your womanliness.
 I remember asking Michael if I should go for a fitness competition and I remember him telling me what I would need to do in order to prepare (he should know, he's a trainer and used to compete) and mentioned that he didn't think he'd love that, but he would be proud of me.
Women notice the same in men. I notice that I get more comments in either direction from other women, and this makes me smile, frown and also scratch my brow, at the same time. You see, women can be hypercritical, though I've more often found women to love my style more often than I would have expected. I've had several women decide to try my style out, and they love it.(I didn't even know I had a style. See? Now I have to go shopping, as I am trendsetting, apparently.)  It is a very interesting study indeed.

Okay so when I think of going out, I notice all the elements necessary in providing a solid base for my excursion into a womanly look. Say I'm planning for an event. I have to choose a dress, then shoes, then make sure to match any adornments, be they jewelry, jackets or hair clips. If I am missing any of these elements then I have to make time to buy them before the event.  Then I have to get a mani/pedi and do my hair and makeup. Granted, unless you are superwoman, there is a very good chance that not all of this can happen in one day. Then you have to make sure your gas tank is full and all the kids are fed. Hopefully you've already planned dinner and the tank was filled at least a day before the event. Then you remember that you haven't waxed in a few days and that you have to make sure you shave because you're wearing something that reveals your legs.

I am dizzy just thinking about these things. Prioritization and planning is huge when it comes to being a woman. I dream about the days when I used to roll out of bed, unravel my braids and throw on some jeans and sneakers. Okay so I still do this from time to time. The difference is, I don't leave home anymore without my makeup and a nice spray of perfume.

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