Saturday, October 12, 2013

When someone you love thinks wrongly of you...

I wrote this heading a few months ago in search of the answer to this thought, and I find it interesting that I never wrote anything for it. I don't think I could properly conceive of the full expression of the thought.

Now I can.

The best response I have found is, continue to be the same loving entity that you have always been, and that person you love will eventually be able to see you for who you are. They will rise to the occasion of loving you and seeing more of themselves in that highest Light, which will lead them to see you more clearly. As they heal, their image of you will also heal. They will also stop being afraid of their own glorious being.

As for those who don't see you, sometimes our soulmates need to grow up. Maybe this means we wait for them. Maybe this means we move on. The truth is that once you focus and reflect on your life and truly make it about you, then any and all other sensations of traumatic noise is averted. You return to your higher self and purpose. You finally begin to see what your life and higher purpose is all about. Nothing else at that point matters.

The truth is that I think we say too much to the wrong people, or we say things that a person with a certain level of experience are going to get. Those who don't, will twist and turn it in the wrong direction, thereby throwing the original message off its tracks. So when a person you love doesn't have the right perspective on you, and you tell someone this, you are not giving the lesson time to gestate. You may be complaining about a situation that merely needs time, in order to work itself out. Your way of dealing with someone may ultimately be different than the way others view it. Everyone is going through their own lens and frame of reference. This makes your variety of friends respond differently to your situation....

I've learned that I can only share my thoughts with a special few persons, and that's okay. I continue to rise to my heights and hope that others can benefit from my growth and change of perspective over the course of my life. Namaste.

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