Thursday, November 26, 2009

Consciousness, levels that don't exist, and planes as window panes.

So first of all,
let's start off by saying that consciousness is definitely this thing we all need on some level to create a sense of grounding within self. Consciousness is this effervescent presence we feel when playing in a wonderland of lost. In other words, we never lose our grounding if we are ever rooted in our presence minds, looking at the thing we are seeing, listening to the sound we are hearing. This is consciousness.

Doesn't everyone have this ability?

It is rather pretentious of said individuals of a "higher level of consciousness" to have been reported as saying that someone is less conscious than they are. Really? So then, the gangster is less aware than the grocery clerk or accountant? Really? Because honestly, I've seen quite often the opposite, to the detriment of the grocery clerk. Maybe the clerk is at this job for fear of leaving and bringing more money in with a tougher job, he shows boredom, understands there's no mental challenge in this job, and stares off into space anyway, because no one said hello or how's your one took the time and the clerk suddenly begins to feel just a little less important. And a little less, and a little less until finally, one day, he just shuts up, chews gum, stares into space and dies.


He gives each customer individual eye contact, warmth, and attention while at the register, as if this customer is the most important person on the planet and everyone else just melts being in love and using this person as a mirror to reflect one's own current state of consciousness. Then that clerk sees the love shining back and offers pearls of wisdom a customer may be delightfully welcome to receiving in such an unlikely place.

Or how about the world-weary gangster who has fought his entire life for something righteous to happen, only to be sucked into a particular type of world he longs to escape from? This man though, loves his family more than air and would go to untold lengths to keep his precious bits from dissolving into the ether, leaving, tiring of his lifestyle, or just giving up on him and his need to heal...but yet and still, he takes care of the things most important to him in his life and is on his knees daily hoping for the way out of the dark, hoping someone has the patience and heart to shine a light in, while he astutely peers around every corner and over his shoulder, fully present and aware of all sights, sounds, and internal cues of whether peace or danger lurks.

Now, I'm not saying go out and get jumped into a gang or grab up a job at the nearest mart. I'm saying to wait on passing that assumption that all people were not created equally. Consciousness can come from anyone at any time, more than yours, and for the right reasons.

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