Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's Time.

It's Time.
Finally, I wake up one morning to a new thought, one that is actually an old thought, but is currently resurfacing to penetrate my more educated neuroceptors. I am ready to be all I can be.

Is that it???

Is this all I've washed my face for? Well hold on one minute, because this isn't just some random thought. This is the thought that my world has been waiting for, the one that puts the extremely selfish side of me aside to help others. This is the thought that people around the world have when they get into their mid-30s and begin to feel accomplished in their life. Time has not yet passed me by, but it will if I let this one thought get away, or even get the best of me.

This business book has been staring at me for some time now. In fact, many many books have been staring at me, some angrily, and sometimes they talk to me. "Why haven't you read me, you idiot? don't you know I have something really good to tell you that might be powerfully helpful to you in your life??" Well yes mister book, I am certain that i am in fact missing out on something, but that is why you are be there for ME when I am ready for YOU...Hmmm, I sound like I am channeling someone other than myself.

Anyhow, here is this idea for a business I've had in my mind for some time and I am finally expressing it to the world to bring it into manifestation: I want to create a unified network of individuals dedicated to helping people find wellness and wholeness (holiness!) through activities, light, healing with stones, music, ayurvedic medicine and food, consulting and counseling, dance, yoga or other exercise modality, that could possibly help one find a sense of balance. This concept is called Blissfully Fit, and it is now time to express to the world my intentions. This is exciting.

Okay, enough for now. The idea emerges. Let's maintain self while this process flows into my yogic psyche. ...

...Wow, that sounds totally cool. ;-)

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  1. I am really glad to hear you're going forward on this. I know this will bring a lot of help to many people. I'm really excited about this! Let me know what all I can do to help!