Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ode To Risky...A Remembrance.

Ahh, Risky. You were the surprise we never saw coming.

I remember it as a cold January morning in 2002. Philip came running to awaken me. I was groggy as he excitedly exclaimed, "hurry! You've got to see this! You won't believe it!" I dragged myself outside in the crisp air to see two puppies nestled into mama Terra's belly. I dropped my mouth open in total disbelief of what I saw. "Are you kidding me? When did Terra get pregnant?? And who exactly is the father?" We only had speculations on which dog it could have been but wasn't sure. But more importantly, we had been dragging her on walks and runs, and just thought she had gained a little weight from the extra food, but had no idea that she was bearing two pups. That hit us completely sideways.

Well of course, Philip's first reaction was to say that we couldn't afford three dogs, so we tried finding homes for the fluffy furries. However, one stayed...and Kai named that one Risky, forever to be his pup.

Well time passed and the dog grew to be smarter than his mama. Lucky thing too, because we needed a guard dog. Risky grew to be the beautiful labrador-looking specimen that I had wanted ( I actually wanted a chocolate lab, but he was close enough). We ran on a number of trails, but I spent more time with Terra, while Philip ended up running Terra more often, though we took them both out a number of times. What good times...I feel bad that Risky's hip health began to decline, but it never seemed to cut into his happiness. What a happy and smiley dog. He will be missed.

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