Sunday, May 19, 2013

Relationship of Initiation

It took courage and heart to be in a toxic relationship, as much as it did to be in one that espoused high spiritual truths. The balancing of energies that must take place regardless of the type of relationship we find ourselves in, is part of the expansion of consciousness one goes through in order to find self worth.

In my spiritual relationship, I found that it took an incredible amount of time, energy, patience and discipline to render. That was the downside. In addition to this, if ever there were a psychic imbalance or disconnection, it would take some doused discipline to heal and clear it. The plus side is that I always had someone available to ground me and hold space for me when I did clearing work for others. The one thing I needed to know about myself is whether or not I had learned the lessons with him and the work that I needed to learn. This could only be done alone.

In the toxic relationship, I was berated, attacked and treated as a punching bag. I came to the realization that, after being called names for yet the umpteenth time, that, not only did I not consider myself a victim, but that I had built up a better sense of self esteem than what I was showing the world.

The toxicity cleared only after a series of tests and trials. I knew I couldn't go to the next level if I never responded to the call for expansion. My initiation into my higher self was only catapulted by having some intense occurrences appear. This did not only occur in my personal life, but in workplace situations as well.

People say that one should just leave the toxic situation and to not expect the person or situation would change. Well so far, I've never seen a situation in my life improve by giving up.

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