Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Touch It Once.

I mean to plan every day. I finally make this incredible list of to-dos, and then it fails me. Or no, wait, I fail IT. It? My to-do list? Yes. I don't get even three things done off of my list, and then it gets upsetting to see this, day after day, the feeling of failure continuing to hit, when that same to-do list has not yet been ta-done.

I read an article just recently, about how we set our perceptions to the "FAIL" dial, by affirming these negative thoughts on a fairly consistent basis. "I'm tired." "It's so hard!" "I'll never get this done!" "She's always late to everything!"

What if we made a different choice? If only for one moment in time, what type of success could we have if we focused on what was successfully being done? What if we focus on what we know we can accomplish, without question? What if we used a Huna technique called "touch it once" and moved that project out the door forever?

It would require the busy part of our brain to be quiet, so we could focus on doing that one thing well. When we are driving or sleeping, eating or typing, it is tough to try doing anything else in that moment. So why not be in the moment and just touch it once?

This requires that we choose to shorten our to-do list, and, just for today, we decide that nothing else is more important than getting those three things done, and not an entire list of items.
Now we may find that we are infinitely capable of doing more, but to focus on the three most important items on your agenda may be the answer to a lifetime of lists that never get completed. Then, instead of carrying around the negative sentiment of "I never finish completing my list," you can say something like, "Oh, that? I've already crossed three items off my list today, and I feel absolutely amazed at my progress." Just a thought.

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