Friday, November 2, 2012

What would you do with 15 minutes to live?

Obviously, this is only a when, and not an "if" question. I asked my kids this question as we stepped into El Dia De Los Muertos, November 1st and 2nd. My students got a little wiggy on me because I asked them to reflect on their deceased loved ones yesterday. The answers were touching and beautiful.

So, on reflection of this question, a tear threatens to leave my eye because when I wrote the question for my students today, I at least gave them time to decide whether they wanted to make the most of this life, because some assumed I meant death would soon be imminent. I asked them what they wanted to accomplish, who they wanted to help, how they affect people, how they change the world by their mere presence, and how others, maybe a bit more philanthropic or famous, have helped to complete change the world. My students wrote some amazing responses.

And now, down to its last 15 minutes...telling everyone I could reach that I loved them and holding my son, would be two things I'd want most. Telling his father that he did a good job would be another goal. If this last fifteen minutes would be before my parents died, I would tell them how I know they did the best they could and how incredibly proud I am of them for every accomplishment they overcame, and how I saw myself in them every day of my life and how grafeful I am that we all made it to this moment. I'd thank my dance teacher for the gift of creativity she unlocked in me. I'd pray for all my family, friends and clients and ask the Creator and spirit guides if we could all watch over our loved ones from the beyond.

I would want to write a short letter and have students pass the letter to one another, letting them know how much they mean to me, and how a simple smile has made all my experience worth going through, the rough education and financial burden worth taking on, and life worth living to such a degree they could never understand.

I would say a special thank you to my ex boyfriend who played the source of unconditional love in my life,and then turn around and thank my current boyfriend, for becoming the exceptional man he is becoming under my watch, and to be happy with all that is left, and not to sit around and mourn my death, for it is only temporal...
After this, my guess is that I would live a while longer, because my heart would be filled with so much love that my veins would be deeply flowing. Sounds like a wonderful plan.

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